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Malea Malendrez and Lillian Afridi about to share an intimate moment in the elevator.

Top 5 best places to kiss

Lillian Afridi, News Correspondent February 13, 2024

Imagine this: You’re walking down the hall having a great day, maybe you just aced a test, or found...

College sports: A student-athletes guide

College sports: A student-athletes guide

Kloe Bryant February 6, 2024
“You're a student-athlete, so that is what comes first, and that's what's important.”

Buttered up: Butter your bae for V-day

Owen Peterson, A&E Editor February 5, 2024
Baking and creating something with the person you love can be one of the most magical things out there. Keep in mind though, even if you’re single and feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, it’s also a great time to show yourself some love.

Dating now vs. then

Linzi Chow, Reporter February 5, 2024
“There’s a huge difference between talking online and hanging out or going on dates. In person, you can read facial expressions, body language, and tone. Online, it's just very ambiguous,”

Missing on school, missing on life

Audrey Dart, Reporter December 12, 2023
“I am normally a straight- A student, but now I have all B’s and a C”,

How long is too long?

Owen Peterson, A&E Editor December 12, 2023
“I think [college apps are] stupid. The application process is fine but it's stupid how expensive it is to apply.”

Detention makes a comeback!

Lila Toledo, Executive Producer December 12, 2023
One Junior stated that the daily tardy sweeps are “fascist”.
Left to right: Sophia Griffin, Elana Griffin, Dinah Sullivan, Nova Baur.

Jewish Student Union

Ell Franklin, Feature Editor December 8, 2023
“[Our goal] is to provide a safe space for other students on campus and also to spread awareness about the culture and the religion,”
CA Poet Laureate comes to Humboldt

CA Poet Laureate comes to Humboldt

Sasha Love, Feature Editor December 8, 2023
“[I want] to really spread the word about poetry and how it impacts people's lives or communities,”
Pepperbox Broadcast

Pepperbox Broadcast

Rey Barber, Art Director November 17, 2023
“It’s the first time we’ve ever had a broadcast,” Kloe Bryant said, “so it’s really just testing everything out,”

Difference Between America and Other Countries

Shu Yamashita November 14, 2023
“In Italy, we have just one class and the same classmates, we don’t change classes. We have been in the same class for four years. We have twelve subjects,”
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