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Linzi Chow

Linzi Chow, Reporter

LinZi Chow is a senior at Arcata High. She has lived in Humboldt her whole life. She began writing in 5th grade, when a small dialogue assignment turned into a multi-hundred-page story. She discovered that she finds pleasure in creative writing, going on to take the class junior year and greatly enjoying it. She’s written a couple other long stories, and many other short stories along the way. She also enjoys reading books, backpacking, spending time in nature, going to the beach or river with friends, traveling, and listening to music. But overall, she’d have to say her favorite activity is sleeping…honk shoe honk shoe.

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More than Just a Brand its Scentimental

More than Just a Brand its Scentimental

Linzi Chow, Reporter May 8, 2024

  Living in Humboldt, it’d be surprising to hear someone say they’d never seen a Sex Wax...

Chows 1966 Plymouth Valiant, Lil Blue

[Photo] The Tiger Chariot

Rye Davis, Reporter May 8, 2024

Chow's 1966 Plymouth Valiant, "Lil Blue"

Dating now vs. then

Linzi Chow, Reporter February 5, 2024
“There’s a huge difference between talking online and hanging out or going on dates. In person, you can read facial expressions, body language, and tone. Online, it's just very ambiguous,”
Emilio Massa and Justin Alexander posing.

The secret teens keeping our school clean

Linzi Chow, Copy Editor December 11, 2023
So, who are these students working behind the scenes?
The way of the curl

The way of the curl

Linzi Chow, Reporter October 9, 2023
“I hate my hair.” Now I say, “It’s still annoying but at least now it looks good. (Most of the time.)”
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