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The winner of the 2024 Kinetic Grand Championship: HumBULLdt Pie Factory
Competing for the glory at the annual Kinetic Grand Championship
Ryenne Kile and Taya HolmesJune 12, 2024

The 2024 annual Kinetic Race took place over Memorial Day Weekend. It launched on Saturday, May 25 at 12:07 p.m. from the Arcata Plaza and concluded...

Cast of Alice by Heart bowing at the end of closing night
Down the rabbit hole: A review of “Alice by Heart”
Ilana Maclay, Feature editor • June 12, 2024

Lights fade. Drapes open. The audience falls quiet. The Spring musical production of “Alice by Heart” opens with a beautiful image of Alice...

Ethnic studies class postponed yet again
Taya Holmes, Copy Editor • June 12, 2024

California will be the first state to implement a high school graduation requirement for an ethnic studies class. California is requiring that...

Bathrooms vandalised, students suspended
Caterina Morones, Production Manager • June 12, 2024

Admin closed multiple bathrooms until further notice due to accounts of vandalism, vaping, and other disrespectful acts. Principal Ron Perry...

Gary: The man behind the cemetery gate
Andrea Merezko, Social Media Director • June 12, 2024

When one goes to school it isn't plain to the mind what surrounds the school campus. Whether that’s coffee shops or gas stations for snacks...

Top 5 best places to kiss

Malea Malendrez and Lillian Afridi about to share an intimate moment in the elevator. (Natalie Lehman)

Imagine this: You’re walking down the hall having a great day, maybe you just aced a test, or found out you don’t have any homework for the night. Then, all of a sudden, you turn the corner and see the most disturbing sight one possibly could: two teenagers making out. 

To save you the breath of running away in horror, I have compiled a list of the top five best places to smooch, or avoid, on campus (other than the hallways).

#1 Back of the classroom

The best place to share a passionate kiss with your special someone is in the classroom. I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say PDA in the classroom is neither disgusting nor distracting. In fact, kissing in the classroom offers students many opportunities. They are not only in a safe and comfortable place, but they also get to be educated while making out! Students who make out in the classroom tend to be well-received by their fellow classmates and teachers. They NEVER get weird glances in their direction or are made fun of months after the makeout sesh. 

#2 French bathroom

The girls’ bathroom at the end of the 100s hallway is historically known to be a romantic rendezvous. Although there is no more artwork on the stalls, this bathroom is generally the cleanest and nicest of the bathrooms. The stalls are roomy and sometimes you get an alluring whiff of crepes being cooked next door in the French classroom! The French bathroom may be your new favorite make-out spot if you’re more introverted. 

#3 In front of Natalie Lehman’s car

As ASB secretary, Natalie Lehman is all about building community. And what is community-based on? Love! Natalie LOVES love and public displays of affection. She often finds it annoying when the hallways get clogged with kissing couples as she makes her way to class. To solve this, I propose a solution: Natalie Lehman would feel absolutely honored if the parking lot area in front of her car became your next kissing destination! “The sight of couples displaying their affection on the top of my car, would probably make my day, or even make my year!” Lehman said. 

#4 Quad during break

Although the Quad is similar to the hallways, it is more open and airy. No more stuffy hallway kisses! The key to smooching in the quad is to do it during break. That way, you and your boo will blend into the crowds of freshmen and sophomores who congregate there. They’ll be so busy talking to their friends that they won’t even notice you two! Plus, what’s more romantic than showcasing your love for the whole world to see?

#5 Elevator 

The elevator is the most unsuspecting of the locations on this list. Who would make out in an elevator? You’d be surprised. Arcata High’s elevator is generally off-limits to most people on campus, so not a lot of people know how lovely of a place it is. The fluorescents will cast you in a ghastly glow that is sure to set the mood just right. 

Note to reader: If you have considered kissing your beloved in any of these places, seek help immediately.

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Lillian Afridi, News Correspondent
Lillian Afridi is a junior at Arcata High School. Although it is her first year working for The Pepperbox, she couldn’t be more thrilled. Lillian has always had a keen interest in storytelling, and since middle school, she has aspired to be a Pepperbox reporter. She looks forward to bringing the paper new stories that help others connect with people in their community. In her free time, Lillian enjoys listening to music, spending time in nature, and training Jiu-Jitsu. You can contact her through email or Instagram.
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Natalie Lehman is a 16-year-old senior at Arcata High School. She is new to The Arcata High Pepperbox staff this year! Natalie is interested in pursuing a career in social media content work. She hopes to learn more about social media’s influence on journalism. As her mom is the teacher for the journalism class at Arcata High, Natalie has watched a decade of Pepperbox issues being published. From watching over the years, Natalie has been waiting for the opportunity to join the staff herself. She is excited to finally join her senior year!
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