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Detention makes a comeback!

Lila Toledo, Executive Producer December 12, 2023
One Junior stated that the daily tardy sweeps are “fascist”.
Final decisions have been made: No 1/2 days

Final decisions have been made: No 1/2 days

Ilana Maclay, Feature Editor December 11, 2023
Tuesday, November 14th, the Arcata High bulletin announced something that made first-periods: the new finals schedule. 
The CCLL Leadership team 

(top row, left to right: Erika Homan, Carolyn van Mantgem, Melanie Zapper, Taylor Nada, Tim Clewell.
bottom row, left to right: Johanna Mauro, Fionn Conroy, Kayla Gaskill)

Hello CCLL!

Taylor Nada, Online Editor December 7, 2023
This year, the Arcata Arts Institute joined a new program known as the Creative Careers Leadership Lab (CCLL), an organization aimed at helping art students gain skills to succeed in future careers in the arts.  

Is study hall really for studying?

Kyndle Eisner, Production Manager November 14, 2023
“I feel like it’s less strict than last year, but the pass system is stupid and doesn’t work.”
The plan that was proposed for the parking lot

The plan for the parking lot

Jo Murphy, Web Editor November 2, 2023
The all too talked about the problem, the issue that almost all of us have experienced, the problem that has desperately needed to be fixed for as long as we can remember: the parking lot.

AI: Perspectives from the schoolyard

Nathan Whitney, News Editor November 1, 2023

Students using AI to generate homework has become a big issue at Arcata High School. To address this...

Is being valedictorian even a big deal?

Henry Lee, Opinion Editor October 31, 2023
There seems to be a close running between some of the most distinguished academic students who will seize the coveted title. But who and what determines who gets to be valedictorian? 

Is leadership a friend group or a class?

Oscar Carlson, Reporter October 5, 2023
“I believe it is one big friend group or the same type of student that runs leadership and gets to make all the decisions for the school,”

Leadership is loco for hoco!

Melanie Luh, Executive Producer October 5, 2023
“A lot of people think we just do rallies and play games, but we do a lot of more odd things too,”
2023 Homcoming Nominees:

Top row, left to right: Zephyr Levy, Henry Lee, Alex White, Amelie Rebstock, Natalie Lehman, Beyla Jones, Natalie Dreyer, Astreya McKnight, Owen Peterson, Ella Ivan, Taylor Nada, Elijah Walker, Jafet Herrera-Angon,
Evangelina Reed, and Cole Vanden Plas.
Bottom row, left to right: Ella Manthorne, Jasmine McKnight, Reece Dickinson, Maria Williamson, Noah Macknicki, Melanie Luh, Andrew Trieu, Analucia Ramos-Torres, Sasha Neyra, Sophie Griffin, and Elana Griffin.
Not pictured: Shelby Keasy and Destinlee Mendez

Meet the homecoming nominees

October 5, 2023
And the winner is!!!!
Freshman class officers pictured left to right: Kloe Bryant, Mya Colenberg, Aaron Sanford, and Clara Morris

Freshman class leaders gear up for the year

Henry Lee, Opinion Editor October 5, 2023
"So far, nobody’s come up to me asking for any changes, but when that happens, we’ll all be happy to oblige,”

Arcata A’s: Profiles of AHS’ finest

Natalie Lehman and Rye Davis October 4, 2023
The best of the best
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