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Frida King

Frida King, Graphic Designer

Frida King can’t tolerate bullshit. Her biggest pet peeve: petty drama. Or in a more real sense: mistreatment and disrespect on both individual and systemic levels. Hence, she takes an interest in the social and political welfare of women and gender-expansive people. Art, she believes, is an excellent way to speak the unspeakable and to connect different groups of people through shared experiences. She’s also pretty good at it. Don’t look for her on social media. You won’t find her there. She’s old school.

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The Anti-Beauty Movement

Frida King, Graphic Designer December 8, 2023

The Gas Station Dilemma

The Gas Station Dilemma

Frida King, Graphic Designer November 2, 2023

Rainy Day Lunch

Frida King, Graphic Designer October 18, 2023

Support for student sexual health

Frida King, Graphic Designer October 4, 2023
What is Teen Clinic?
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