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Buttered up: Butter your bae for V-day
Owen Peterson, A&E Editor • February 5, 2024
Baking and creating something with the person you love can be one of the most magical things out there. Keep in mind though, even if you’re single and feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day, it’s also a great time to show yourself some love.
March 5th election coming soon!
Sasha Love, Feature Editor • February 26, 2024

An election is coming up fast! On March 5th, propositions and measures for healthcare, cannabis farming, and more will be decided, and several...

February district board meeting:
Sasha Love, Feature Editor • February 26, 2024

The Northern Humboldt Union High School District school board meeting this Thursday addressed the locking of gender neutral bathrooms, tardy...

O’Brien posing with flowers.
Boys Want Flowers Too
Oscar Carlson, Reporter • February 13, 2024

In a universe adorned with red roses, teddy bears, and heart-shaped chocolates, there's an age-old tradition that often leaves one gender...

Building love, brick by brick
Jordan Gaskell, Business Manager • February 13, 2024

Legos have been a predominantly kids’ toy ever since the early ‘70s. Since then, they have evolved and been adopted by a large young-adult...

Ballers Stretch the Truth

“Once you’re 6’0, you can say you’re 6’1” or 6’2” or 6’3,” and no one will question it,”

“Once you’re 6’0, you can say you’re 6’1” or 6’2” or 6’3,” and no one will question it,” junior Liam Gorona said. 

Before the AIBT basketball tournament, I took to the court armed with a tape measure and primed to expose Arcata High’s prized athletes who had been stretching the truth. The results were shocking, revealing a significant disparity between the claimed and measured heights. 

Height can be a valuable asset in basketball, influencing a player’s ability to shoot over defenders, grab rebounds, and block shots. In a sport where every inch matters, the temptation to enhance one’s stature can be strong. Whispers on the court suggest some players might be giving their height a little boost. Whether it’s extra inches from those flashy sneakers or a crafty maneuver during official measurements, the phenomenon of “height inflation” is a slam dunk in high school hoops.

Locker room banter reveals a lot about the goings-on in high school basketball. Ballers claiming to be a LeBron when they’re more of a Kyrie is as common as air balls at halftime.

In the arena of competitive sports, height exaggeration breaks local borders, extending its reach to the pinnacle of professional basketball. An article by ESPN shows even seasoned veterans of the game aren’t immune to a bit of numerical embellishment. The analysis of self-reported versus measured heights in these elites revealed significant variance, with some players boldly claiming heights that stretched reality by several inches.

Zooming back into the high school arena, the aftermath of Arcata High’s height exposes thrusts real vs. reported heights debate into a new dimension. The spotlight not only illuminates the court but also penetrates the digital world, where stats on MaxPreps become the center of this numerical drama. It seems the heights showcased on MaxPreps, akin to a player’s highlight reel, might be donning a pair of metaphorical platform heels. Senior Kalani Butor’s reported height undergoes a curious metamorphosis from 5’4″ to 5’5″. As the digital scoreboard charts these fluctuations, the discrepancy between real and fake stats becomes pronounced. The game of inches isn’t just played on the court, but also within the confines of a slightly different ruler wielded by MaxPreps. Parallels between the professional and high school arenas underscore that, whether, on the grand stage or local courts, the temptation to embellish is a persistent player in the game of heights.

As players navigate the labyrinth of height inflation, it’s clear the game extends beyond, the court, infiltrating databases that document their feats. Beyond banter and fashion, there’s a serious side to height exaggeration. In basketball recruitment, accurate height impacts the future of local ballers. As Arcata High preps for the next jump ball at the AIBT/WAIBT tournaments, reality rears its head — not as a daunting opponent but as a tape measure of truth, ending shadows of exaggeration on and off the court.

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