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A solution to the parking woes

A solution to the parking woes

Jack Mietz, Video Editor March 29, 2024

For 15 minutes before and after school, Arcata High School’s parking lot becomes a chaotic nightmare....

Trans students relieved at new name change policy

Trans students relieved at new name change policy

Anthony Vasek, Managing Editor January 26, 2024

Administration took a step forward by altering their policy on school system name changes, making the...

Missing on school, missing on life

Audrey Dart, Reporter December 12, 2023
“I am normally a straight- A student, but now I have all B’s and a C”,

How long is too long?

Owen Peterson, A&E Editor December 12, 2023
“I think [college apps are] stupid. The application process is fine but it's stupid how expensive it is to apply.”

Detention makes a comeback!

Lila Toledo, Executive Producer December 12, 2023
One Junior stated that the daily tardy sweeps are “fascist”.
Emilio Massa and Justin Alexander posing.

The secret teens keeping our school clean

Linzi Chow, Copy Editor December 11, 2023
So, who are these students working behind the scenes?
Final decisions have been made: No 1/2 days

Final decisions have been made: No 1/2 days

Ilana Maclay, Feature Editor December 11, 2023
Tuesday, November 14th, the Arcata High bulletin announced something that made first-periods: the new finals schedule. 

Is study hall really for studying?

Kyndle Eisner, Production Manager November 14, 2023
“I feel like it’s less strict than last year, but the pass system is stupid and doesn’t work.”

Navigating life and school after an attempt

Ell Franklin, Feature Editor November 3, 2023
“I’ve been focusing more on myself and what I need because I used to be a really bad people pleaser. I’ve always put everyone else first before me.”
The plan that was proposed for the parking lot

The plan for the parking lot

Jo Murphy, Web Editor November 2, 2023
The all too talked about the problem, the issue that almost all of us have experienced, the problem that has desperately needed to be fixed for as long as we can remember: the parking lot.

AI: Perspectives from the schoolyard

Nathan Whitney, News Editor November 1, 2023

Students using AI to generate homework has become a big issue at Arcata High School. To address this...

Tigers of the term: How fame feels

Alex Duarte, Reporter November 1, 2023
The term one assemblies started on October 10th with the senior class and just wrapped up on October 19th with the freshmen class. Here is the list of the tigers of the term.
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