Mielke finally drops Kanye

Finn Clark, Feature Editor

9th January, 2023

Following the recent Pepperbox article “Adidas Dropped (Kan)Ye, Why Won’t Meilke?”, the Kanye West for President poster has been removed from Mielke’s classroom. The poster was seen as harmful by many communities on campus.

“I think it negatively affected students because you probably viewed him [Mielke] as, like, possibly having anti-Semitic views,” senior Sparrow Ray-Keneko stated.

The poster being up in a classroom made some students feel uncomfortable.

“I wouldn’t like to be in a classroom with that up,” Senior Ruth Godlin-Sullivan stated.

Mielke declined to comment on why the poster was removed.

Multiple students claim that in when questioned about his political opinions Mielke joked about being nti-semitic.

“Someone asked Mielke about his political opinions, and he pointed to the poster and was like, well, clearly, I’m an anti-semite,” an anonymous student said.

Several students condemned Kanye’s most recent acts.

“I think it’s good that he [Mielke] took it down, especially in light of current events such as Kanye referring to Hitler in positive manners,” senior Kyla Berman stated.

Though the reason for taking the Kanye poster down is unknown, many students are celebrating the event.

“Thank god he’s finally understanding that it is harmful,” Senior Saneya Khattab stated.

Search the name “Kanye West” and news results from minutes to hours ago pop up on another controversy he has been involved in. Recently in an interview he even said the words, “Jewish people, forgive Hitler today.” The incidents keep piling up and many fans are dropping the artist because of it.

“You can only defend someone for so long,” Khattab said.