Why does everybody go to Toni’s?

Madelyn Conley, Co-Editor in Chief

29th November, 2022

Toni’s is a 24-hour restaurant that serves basically everything and anything.

Located in Arcata, Toni’s is frequently visited by Arcata High and McKinleyville High School students. My question is; why? 

I have lived in Eureka all of my life, until just recently when my family moved to McKinleyville in January of 2022. I didn’t even know that Toni’s existed until then. When I told my friends that I had never been, they were shocked and criticized me for never going. 

Due to their reactions I assumed this place must have really good, cheap food, and be a fun place to hangout. While I agree that it’s a fun place to hang out, I don’t think the food or wait time is worth it. 

Being gluten and dairy free, it’s hard for me to eat out at most places. However, I do have to say that Toni’s has gluten free options which is very nice. 

But because they’re such a popular place to be, it took like an hour for my friends and I to get our milkshakes and french fries. Everytime I have gone, it’s been at least a 45-60 minute wait, even when there’s not a huge line. 

This wait can be a good and bad thing. It allows for customers to spend more time with each other and hang out. Since a lot of people go there, you can always find someone you know. 

“I like going to Toni’s because you never know who you’re going to see when you show up there. It’s always a fun and eventful place to be,” junior Kyndle Eisner said. 

It’s very cozy and comfortable inside and there are tables outside as well. Since it’s open 24 hours, going there at unreasonable times like two in the morning is also fun and adds to the experience. 

“I really love the workers, they’re really nice. I’ve become a regular so they know me and have always treated me with kindness,” sophomore Sionna Khattab said.

However, I don’t recommend going to Toni’s if you’re starving. If you are, then Toni’s might not be the best place to go. It’s also more expensive than I thought it would be for a diner that serves mostly fast-food.

While there are homemade items on the menu, it mostly consists of burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

“I don’t like when there are creepy people in there because weird people will go there especial-

ly late at night,” junior Ella Manthorne said.

Supporting local businesses is always a great thing to do, and Toni’s is a cozy but fun place to go and support. Just maybe don’t go on an empty stomach…