Sk8r bois at Arcata High

Finn Clark, Online Edition

29th November, 2022

It’s fall in Humboldt County. We’re all being rained out of all the activities we know and love, like skateboarding for instance. 

Arcata High School has a bustling skater community, but what is it really like to be a skater? You may be asking, ‘How can I become a skater?’ Well, no need to worry,the Pepperbox has just the answer. The first step is to math like a skater. 

Out of all the skaters interviewed, several stated they had below-passing grades in math. 

“It’s an F,” skater boy and junior Dominic Previde said. 

Sometimes that’s all you need to become a skater, but for those who are more seriously interested, you might want to make yourself more like the teachers at our school. 

“I could see Mrs. Kell rocking a baker board,” junior Evan Azinger Commented. 

Azinger said he thought Jennifer Rosebrook or Alyssa Kell would make the best skaters. 

“I don’t know, I just think they’d kill it,” Azinger stated. 

Skateboarders at Arcata High had varying opinions about who would be the best skateboarder. 

“I don’t know, I’d like to see Kantner skateboard, I don’t know if he would be good, actually I feel like Pinkerton could be good,” senior Aiya Tobin said. 

However you may want to distance yourself from other teachers, like Danielle Witten. 

“I just don’t think she’d have the right mindset for it,” Azinger said. 

Being a skater isn’t all about math and mindsets. For Azinger, sometimes it’s about drinking an entire gallon of chocolate milk.

“Chocolate milk. I just like getting a gallon from Murphy’s and just like drinking that,” Azinger said. 

Skaters are also about changing Arcata High School to suit their needs better. 

“I wish we could walk around on our ten-minute break. Or, during freshman year we would have snack baskets on break, we need to bring those back,” Azinger said. 

Though changes can’t always be snack baskets and getting to walk around during our block periods. 

“The amount of rednecks, did you see them throwing ducks out in the parking lot today during lunch? They were throwing dead ducks,” Previde said. 

If you’re looking to get yourself started on skating there are many places to start. Skaters at our school mostly mentioned they got their boards from AMPT Skate Shop. 

“Some skaters liked more simplistic designs on their boards, while others liked their boards to be artistic.” 

Get your math grades down and your chocolate milk intake up skaters. And lastly in the words of Arcata High’s very own Dominic Previde, “I f**k with skateboarding.”