Painting the hallways with BSU

Raymi Sharp, Reporter

29th November, 2022

Black Student Union president, senior Elisha Green.
(Photo Credit: Raymi Sharp)

Black Student Union at AHS was founded in 2018. It was run by President Nishyra Aaron and Vice President Lavender Weburg President Lavender Weburg and Vice President Nishyra Aaron with Shannon Kresge as the teacher advisor. The goal of the club is to spread awareness about African American issues.

Today BSU is a club represented by students of varying ethnicities and grades run by President Elisha Green, with Danielle Witten and Shannon Kresge as co-advisors. Every Wednesday at lunch BSU meets in room 104. They meet to discuss, “the issues about inclusion and representation in classrooms, and how to combat it because it has been an issue,” current BSU President Elisha Green stated.

In the most recent BSU meetings, there has been a heavy discussion on getting murals painted around the school. As of now, the mural is still in its early stages of development and there has been lots of brainstorming on what type of message they want to display.

Some ideas that have been suggested are, “Having one big mural and doing some sort of message with it, and then maybe some smaller ones around pillars with African designs,” freshman Aliyah Aaron shared.

Elisha Green adds that no matter what the mural turns out to be, his main goal is to “create more representation of Black culture around campus.”

BSU is hoping that the mural will be put up in front of the school right by the wooden bench and they are hoping that it will be done within the next few months.

However, the process of getting the space and ideas approved might take more time and work

than they anticipated. Their next steps would be to talk to Principal John Perry, and eventually people working in administration.

If all goes as planned, painting will start in December so keep your eyes peeled.

Black Student Union member, freshman Aliyah Aaron.
(Photo Credit: Raymi Sharp)