Off campus lunch is expensive!

Jaimeanne O’Donnell, Reporter

28th November, 2022

It’s safe to say that bullies don’t intimidate people and take money for school lunch anymore because Arcata High students splurge on off campus lunch.

How much money do freshmen at Arcata High School spend on lunch per month off campus? Well, let’s find out.

Taegan Clancy, a freshman, stated, “I usually go every day.” He said his daily expenditures fall somewhere between eight and ten dollars each day.

Freshman Nathaniel Almaguer Whitener goes out to lunch once a week, and spends approximately twenty dollars each time. That amounts to almost $80 every month.

“I usually go four days a week, nine times out of ten, and I spend around five dollars each time,” Freshman Harper Appy said. This becomes eighty dollars every single month, and that’s if she doesn’t want something worth a little more money.

Freshman Hazel Hale indicated that she eats off campus three to four times per week, and spends around eleven dollars each time.

Nora Brumbaugh, a freshman, said that, on average, she would usually eat off campus four times a week and would approximately spend ten dollars every time.

That adds up to around a hundred and sixty dollars per month.

Now that you know how much they spend monthly, let’s compare lunch costs from Arcata High school lunches to other similar places.

At Stars you can get a cheeseburger and fries for around eleven dollars, whereas at school it’s free. At school you can get fish and chips for lunch for free,yet students will choose to get thirteen dollar fish and chips at Humboldt Brew.

At Hey Juan Burritos you can get an eight dollar quesadilla and again students are choosing to go there instead and spend theirs or their parents money when they could get lunch for free at school.

Students could choose to get any of these lunches at school, but no they choose to go get lunch outside of school.

When you eat out every now and then like once a week or even once every two weeks that’s acceptable, but spending over a hundred dollars every month? No thanks.