Songs that will make you ball or bawl after a breakup

Alauna Thompson, Reporter

30th January, 2023

It’s breakup season so you know what that means, 28 hour long playlists of the most depressing music you can find and eating your feelings until you’re sick. Well trust I’m here to help sink in the fact that you are lonely and sad with this playlist <3. Here’s a list of the top 5 objectively best breakup songs because I haven’t ever had a bad opinion in my life. Hopefully this will help you get through this tough time and stay sexy while doing it.

1. First is the song “Forget Her” by Jeff Buckley. This song is a little too good and he’s hot too which is just a little extra treat for you to get over the trash that you thankfully got rid of. This song is for people who have been cheated on or mistreated by their significant other during the relationship which I know many can relate to.

2. Next is “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. It’s one of those songs that it’s hard to get sick of unless it’s all you listen to, which would be surprising but I’ve been there before. 

3. Third is “Love Ridden” by Fiona Apple. It’s a heartbreaking gem about a relationship ending. Fiona really knows how to make you curl up in a ball and cry on your floor at 3 am, let me tell you that. Most of Fiona’s breakups songs are perfection like her song Valentine.

4. “Norman F*cking Rockwell” by none other than the queen Lana Del Rey is in fourth. This song will punch you in the face repeatedly and give you no chance to breathe. Let it be known that this song isn’t a happy one, it’s for the people who have had their hearts torn into shreds. 

5. “I Used to Love Him” by Lauryn Hill (feat. Mary J. Blige) This song’s words are very painful and speak to the soul. It’s about making sacrifices and changing yourself for someone and realizing that it was a mistake after the relationship fails.

 I must say that many may not agree with my ranking but hey, maybe your opinion is incorrect and my songs are perfectly ranked. It takes time but eventually you’ll be able to listen to these songs without a tear that used to make you cry a whole river. If you’re going through a breakup now just know that they didn’t deserve you and you deserve the best unless you’re a man.