New Clubs at Arcata High

Laura Laux, Reporter

27th October, 2022

Students during a Music Honor Society meeting (Photo Credit: Laura Laux)

With the start of the new school year there are some new interesting clubs and programs at Arcata High!
Clubs like Magic the Gathering and Hike for the Glory are founded by students and there are three new musical extracurriculars for all students interested in playing music.

Hike for the Glory

One of the new clubs at our school this year is the Hike for the Glory Club founded by junior, Lachlan Watts-Tobin, now the president of the club. He and his friends decided that they were gonna walk to Trinidad and on the way there me and the other people, who went on that first hike developed the idea of Hike for the Glory. “That was actually really fun and it’s a good bonding experience,” Watts-Tobin said.

“I want to share my fun spirit with other people and allow others to experience things I enjoy,” said junior Taylor Nada, the Vice President of the club.

The hiking club is from now on every Thursday in room 703. Students don’t have to attend the meetings since the club has a Google Classroom where all information will be posted. The hikes will be on the weekends or after school.

Chamber Music Club

Anyone interested in playing classical music in smaller ensembles now can join the Chamber Music Club every Wednesday during lunch. “It is a collaboration with other people and making something better together,” sophomore Aurora Pitts said.


Music Honor Society (or TRI-M, standing for Modern Music Masters) is an opportunity for music students to take leadership roles within the music program and create and hand up service projects in our community, music Teacher Cassandra Moulton explained. She said the club, which meets on Mondays, allows students “opportunities to take our music off campus.”

Pep Band

“This is the first time we have had Pep Band in seven years. We’re bringing it back because the students wanted to do it, ” Moulton said. “It’s cool to bring back school traditions,” senior Paolo Bosques-Paulet said.

That’s no surprise since the Pep Band is focused on mostly band instruments, wind and percussion. Moulton said students perform popular genres of music to “hype the crowd.” The Pep Band supports the Football Team by playing old pop songs like “Eye of the Tiger” or “Sweet Caroline” at the games.

Let the band know if you have any song requests!

All of the clubs will have opportunities to perform at either our winter concert in December or at smaller festivals like the local regional festival for Northern California throughout the year.

Magic the Gathering

Magic the gathering is a trading card game that combines strategy and fantasy. It was originally created by Richards Garfield and released by Wizards of the Coast in 1993.

Jacob Briggs invented the Magic the Gathering Club. “Me and my friends started playing and so we just thought of doing a club for it,” Briggs said. Club meetings are every Friday at lunch in room 105.

Go check out Arcata High’s new clubs!