How to be a fall fashion icon

Zoe Macknicki-Managing Editor

With fall in full swing, fall staples are everywhere around the Arcata High campus.

There are a few people on campus that have stepped up their fashion game this fall season.

Take history teacher Owen Moore for example, always strutting through the halls in his fire fall fits. Moore rocks a nice scarf, which pairs nicely with one of his simple sweaters and a pair of blue jeans.

If you need good fashion inspiration, look no further than Moore.

Another Fall fashion icon, history teacher Jeff Mielke struts the hallways daily with an orange scarf and a quarter zip sweatshirt.

Both of these history teachers are fall fashion icons here at Arcata High School.
With this inspiration in mind, here are some things you can add to your closet to step up your fashion game for the fall season.
1.Cardigan Sweaters
2.Anything Brown
4.Ugg boots
6.Quarter-zipped Sweatshirts
9.Anything Corduroy
All of these things would help you to walk through the hallways of Arcata High as a fall fashion icon.

Take after Moore and Mielke and step up your fashion game.

Go out and get to shopping!