Hoco as an exchange

Laura Laux, Reporter

27th October, 2022

A big part of the exchange experience is definitely homecoming.

Every exchange student who stays for one year in the United States, looks forward to Dress Up days, the assembly, the parade and of course the dance.

Most European countries don’t have Homecoming or Prom. At my school in Germany there is a dress up week and a dance for just the seniors.

The assembly after the sixth period was longer than all periods of the day because individuals and a whole basketball team from 1997 got inducted into the hall of fame.

The process was kind of difficult because two microphones died during the announcement.

Sadly the football guys didn’t win the throwing footballs into trash cans game against the old basketball team.

The parade started after lunchtime, and I was on the junior float. All the floats were beautiful and scary, full of orange, black and purple balloons.

I don’t know how many people were on the float but it for sure weren’t just juniors. It was pretty fun to wave at the people and throw candy.

I was a little bit shocked that the sophomore class float had an actual goat on it.
The atmosphere at the football game was great, starting with amazing fireworks after the national anthem.

I was so excited about the homecoming royalty and so happy for everyone who won!
We left shortly after halftime ended to have enough time to get ready.

We needed about an hour to get dressed and do our make-up. We arrived at the dance a little bit before ten o’clock.

The dance was awesome. The gym was decorated, everyone was in a good mood and dressed up.

I was dancing, which I learned is more like jumping, and singing the whole night. I loved the photo booth too.

We left around midnight to get dinner at Toni’s. We had a little bit of time left before we had to get home so we decided to drive to the beach.

It was super cold so we basically ran over the beach and then directly back into the car.
My first homecoming in America was definitely a night to remember!

I can’t wait to experience more fun things this year and create even more memories.