Goodbye Covid? Hello Faces!

Astreya McKnight, Business Manager

27th October, 2022

Campus masking requirements were lifted last year, and many students continued to wear masks in class.
This fall is the opposite. It’s rare to see a student wearing a mask in class. There are no masking requirements and testing is no longer provided on school grounds.

Students are no longer notified when there is a positive test in their classes. Where have all the Covid-19 precautions gone? Is Covid no longer relevant on campus?

“I think [Arcata High Covid regulations are] realistic. I think that it’s where we are in the stage of kind of pandemic being over and entering the endemic piece of it,” Nurse John Kell said.

“And I think that it’s […] making people nervous, because it’s like, we’ve been [in a] pandemic for so long.”
Nurse Kell described the cultural shift that we have been experiencing both on and off campus as Covid has become less relevant to everyday life.

“I think that we have a solid approach,” Kell stated, “a realistic approach.”
Although masking is not enforced on campus, it is still recommended in NHUHSD Covid protocols for additional protection.

Kell explained how the school’s approach aligns with the general consensus of students, parents, and AHS staff.
Nurse Kell predicted that if Covid cases increase, masking will become much more prevalent for students.
He credits this to personal choice, rather than the enforcement of the school.

“From what I’ve observed, I don’t think Covid has been a huge issue on campus,” Arcata High Associated Student Body President, Keira Tatro, said. Keira described the positive influence that this year’s eased Covid regulations have had on campus so far.

“The relaxed regulations this year have given us way more possibilities and access to do more school events such as rallies and even the dance we just had out on the senior lawn. […] I think it’s great! It really feels like high school with being able to go to games and events,” Tatro said.

“It’s also nice to not require masks any longer because it helps give a sense of normalcy.” Despite Tatro’s appreciation for the schools alterations on campus policy, she also addressed what might be done if future issues surface.

“If cases rise, I think we should probably really emphasize people testing and staying home if they feel sick. [As well as encouraging students to] wear masks at school if feeling sick,” she said.