Freshman class officers

Jaimeanne O’Donnell, Reporter

27th October, 2022

The freshman class officers and advisors after a meeting
(Photo Credit: Jaimeanne O’Donnell)

On September 16th, our new Freshman Class Officers were elected.

John Adams as the President, Sofia Flores as the Vice President, Mia Nannizzi as the Secretary, and Violet Villarreal as the Treasurer.

John Adams, the President of the Arcata High freshman class, is also on the cross country team, a member of the debate club, and the treasurer of the economics club.

“I want do something. I don’t know what it’s gonna be yet, but I’m excited to put on some grand event that people are really gonna have fun at,” Adams said.

Adams hopes to make the school a place where everyone feels welcome and to make sure that everyone’s thoughts are represented.

Sofia Flores, the Vice President of the freshman class, states, “I think it’s really important that we actually get to know each other because we’re going to spend one of the most important times of our life together.”

She is a member of the SAGA club, Jazz club, and Interact club. She would have never pictured herself running for the position of VP in her freshman year and is proud of herself for doing so.

Mia Nannizzi, the Secretary of the Arcata High freshman class, takes great pleasure in public speaking, as well as “making things better” as she put it.

Nannizzi has the ambition to run in her senior year and to be fondly remembered by her peers after high school. S“I think that the students can make the most change in the school, Nannizzi said.

Violet Villarreal, the Treasurer of the freshman class, wants everyone’s voices to be heard and for school to be a safe environment.

Villarreal is a dancer and a member of the Debate and Interact clubs.

“The position that I chose to run for does not have as many obligations as the rest, and that’s particularly why I chose it so I can give all my time to this,” says Villarreal.

Let’s all give a warm welcome to our new freshman class officers!