Masquerade Party? Or Parties with Masks?

Axeri Ramirez, Reporter

October 6, 2021

The sun is flirting with Humboldt and the students are fighting against sleep. It’s been a month since schools have opened back up, face to face, or mask to mask. Either way, Homecoming is upon us, and the students of Arcata High School are slowly coming back to life after Covid. 

This year, Arcata High will have a Hollywood themed Homecoming concluding in a parade, football game and dance on October 8. Leadership consists of the ASB students, who help organize, plan, and participate in events. They’ve never fought to get approval for a dance as much as they have this year. Covid-19 has changed many things and added many regulations for everyone’s safety. 

“As of right now, the Homecoming dance is still in the works but it’s looking good,” Coriell stated. 

It’s still unknown if the traditional homecoming rally will occur. Coriell said she didn’t see much happening with the rally. The days leading up to homecoming are planned as follows: Monday- Pajama day, Tuesday- Space Jam, Wednesday- Mean Girls, Thursday- 50s-60s day and Friday- school spirit. Friday will be a minimum day because of the parade. Traditionally, different classes build floats and parade through the plaza. Parents, children, students, and alumni can gather around to witness all of the floats passing from different streets around the plaza and Arcata High.   

That same Friday, there will be a football game at Mckinleyville High, at 7:00 p.m. Make sure to show up and support Arcata High! The dance will follow, beginning at nine PM and ending at midnight. With safety as top priority, the ASB students have planned for strict Covid protocols at the dance. All the students who attend the dance must get a rapid test prior to entering the dance. They will also need to wear masks, and the dance will be held outside in the senior lawn. 

The future is unknown, so let’s take advantage of this opportunity.