Are We Dancing Our Way Out of Senior Year or Not?

Camden Nichols, Copy Editor

11th February, 2021

It is agreed upon that this year has been and still is one of the most insane years of our lives. We have had to stay home for about eleven months and follow certain guidelines to keep our community safe. When school started, no one knew how it was going to all work out. There was talk about having a Homecoming, which never ended up happening. We are now about six months into our school year and our community has the highest case numbers it’s ever had. 

Prom has always been important to students all across the country. It is something fun to look forward to, with the dancing, spending time with friends, and dressing up. This year is going to be a little different because of how this pandemic is playing out. Not much has been said about what is going to be happening with prom, so it was decided that some research was needed.

Senior Molly Puzz’s prom dress from last year lay forgotten with a mask accessory in a full closet because of the absence of dances this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year will be a bit different without the typical end-of-the-year dances.
(Photo Credit: Camden Nichols)

Emma Sayre, Senior Class President, shared her ideas about how everything will be with the prom planning in the midst of a pandemic. “We are still planning for a prom. We are making a Plan A and Plan B where Plan A is a regular prom if we go back, even though that is most likely just not going to happen. Then Plan B would just be some sort of online thing, or we’re hoping to be doing goodie bags or something and put the money towards something else.”

Since senior prom is usually in June, that gives time for the senior officers to plan ahead and also see what happens with the pandemic. When asked about timing, Sayre said, “We sent out a survey, a few weeks ago. We asked if people were going to be interested in doing some sort of get together in the summer and a good amount of people did say they would want that, so even if it’s not like a typical prom, it would be cool to have some sort of senior reunion get together thing.” This pandemic is so hard on everyone and has cancelled so many fun activities, so don’t lose hope about senior prom! We don’t know what COVID-19 will be like then, or even what prom activities there might be, but there’s no need to give up the excitement.

It is also important to hear about how the seniors feel about prom being cancelled or rescheduled. Kendra Flint, a senior at Arcata High, had much to say about the topic. “ I feel like I have gone to so many dances at this point in high school that I’m not super heartbroken about it and I think in the back of my mind I’m still thinking there’s a possibility for some sort of senior prom type of thing.” That is true. Being a senior means that you have experienced many different events in your high school career. Senior prom is a memorable experience, but it’s not as though there hasn’t been anything memorable about high school. Even this pandemic/online learning is memorable!

Prom is always such a key part of the year, especially for Seniors, but it is very important to remember that life won’t always be like this and we will all be able to celebrate together soon. We will all be able to look back at how crazy this time was, but also look towards the future and make up for the time we all lost together.