A Guide to Shopping Local This Holiday Season

Molly Puzz, Deputy Sports Editor

Ruby Langdon, A&E Editor

19th December, 2020

Embark on an adventure in search of holiday gifts with Humboldt’s finest local shops in Arcata.
(Graphic Credit: Marisa Mendosa)

This year, shopping locally is extremely important. Keeping the local economy flowing is what these small businesses need during this time of crisis. There are a lot of good places here in Arcata with really cool, unique items. If you’re shopping on a budget, Arcata has multiple places for you. Eco Groovy Deals, The Hospice Shop, and Angels of Hope Thrift have a lot of nice, used clothing for inexpensive prices, which everyone enjoys. Beads Supply and Heart Bead have some great priced beading materials to make a nice gift from the heart. 

For all of you who don’t want too low-priced gifts, but not too expensive, these shops could be perfect for you. If you’re yearning to get some knick knacks for someone’s room or house, Fine Arts Center (ceramic and glass) and The Back Porch (antique knick knacks), and Caravan of Dreams have some really nice gifts for reasonable prices. Tobago Plants has a wide variety of plants, with varying sizes and prices. If someone you know is interested in art, Arcata Art Center can help you find some great presents and their prices are very fair-minded. 

If you are looking for a gift on the boujee side, Arcata has lots of places for you. Holly Yashi is spendy, but their prices range and you can definitely find something in your budget. SeaPod, Angelica Atelier and Hot Knots have super cute clothes and jewelry, definitely more on the expensive side, but all of their clothes are great quality. Plaza and Zen have lots of good gift items, like picture frames, jewelry, and lots more. 

Shopping for gifts is always an amazing way to spend the holidays and spread happiness, especially when you know exactly where to go with the money that you have. Thus the importance of shopping locally will not only help our community, it will also help you get into the holiday spirit. 

Here’s a list of other local shops:

In Eureka there is

Little Shop of Hers 

A vintage shop with an assortment of things from clothes, to shoes, to records, to funny magnets and socks (the socks are not vintage don’t worry). Very cute and affordable for vintage. The inside is all pink with local artwork on the walls, it’s a cheerful experience all around.


The Geppetto’s of Eureka, the cutest toy shop with items that could entertain people of all ages. Tiny toys, fun colors and textures, prank items, pretty much anything fun.


There’s a Shipwreck location in both Eureka and Arcata, and both are filled with fantastic new and used clothing. They have candles, soaps, and cards for sale as well as a ton of vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. There is also a section of new clothing from an assortment of fun brands.

Toy box 

A great toy store with a wide assortment of toys from stuffed animals, to puzzles, to box sets. Getting gifts with the purple and yellow Toy Box ribbons was always so exciting as a kid because you knew it would be fun.

Little Japan

All sorts of Japanese foods and drinks for cooking or just snacking. In the back section there are things like chopsticks, fans, toys, and stickers as well. 

The Bodega

The Bodega is all 100% local handmade things! Jewelry, clothes, art, oils, candles, and so many other treasures. It’s a perfect place to support local artists and find personal gifts.

Land of Lovely

Home decor and perfect gifts are easy to find in Land of Lovely. They have a lot of themed items based on the season, self care items, and just simple heartfelt things that are perfect for gift giving.


This is the most comforting place for anybody who loves plants. They have a lot of cute pots and a variety of lovely house plants that they’ll pot for you. There’s so many good options for those who enjoy taking care of plants.

Just my Type

A print shop with hand printed cards, shirts, and bags. Other local products are sold in the shop like Dick Taylor’s chocolate.

The Works

A great record/cd store with both new and used options. There’s also some dvds as well as things like magnets and shirts. 

Sock Hop

There’s no better gift than socks and Sock Hop is just an abundance of fun socks! There’s also fun things like soaps and mints but the collection of socks is enticing enough by itself. All lengths and patterns are available, something for anyone’s feet. 


A used and new bookstore with a bunch of different sections that are fun to browse. They only let a certain small number of people in at a time so it’s quite safe at the moment.

Meanwhile in Arcata there is


Jewelry, lotions, candles, and ornaments; there’s plenty of things high schoolers can get here while they sell a lot of home decor and furniture. They limit the amount of people who can go in at a time but also have an online store if you’re uncomfortable going in person.

Art Center 

The Art Center has the supplies for nearly any art project you could think of. They’re incredibly covid safe at the moment too, rather than browsing you let them know what product you’re looking for and they’ll bring it to you. 


Fun trinkets, colorful decor, and clothing ranging from women’s to children’s; this store has a little something for every spiritual person. There’s a number of objects to help one become in touch with their spiritual side, or indulge in some great decor. 


Soap in all forms! A lovely gift to prompt some great smelling self care. There’s a ton of different scents to choose from in all different types of items. Incense, soap, bath bombs, and oils are all available. As well as an incredibly effective handmade sanitizing spray.

Tin Can Mailman

Used books for a good price, there’s a huge variety in store and a good environment to browse. Book related pins and bookmarks are at the front as well.

Northtown Books

Magazines, newspapers, totes, and poster galore! This book shop has a great variety of genres ranging from children’s books to anything on politics. There’s something for everyone here whether it be a book lover or just a beginner. 

Moonrise Herbs

Whether or not the people in your life know it or not herbs are useful for a number of things and Moonrise Herbs certainly provides. Teas, bulk herbs and spices, as well as things like candles and incense are some of the lovely things sold there. 

People’s Records

People’s has a wide range of vinyls and CDs both new and used across a ton of genres. The workers there are incredibly helpful and there’s a nice dark atmosphere. 

Caravan of Dreams

Feels like a gallery of cute items of all sorts. Ceramics, art, jewelry, notebooks, a very creative seeming array of products. 

Wildwood Music

A lovely music store filled with instruments of all types. If you’re looking for something cheaper for your musical friends there’s a wall of auxiliary instruments and a wide assortment of picks. 

Vintage Avenger

Tons of cute vintage items! Great costume and everyday items with a selection of new accessories that you can pair with your outfits as well.


Thrift stores can be a great place to support your community in an inexpensive way and find great gifts, but keep in mind that some people shop there because they are unable to afford otherwise. Please be considerate of what you’re buying and who it could impact especially during these colder months. Here are some highlights:

Tailwaggers 1 and 2 (both located in Eureka)

Eco Groovy Deals (located in Arcata)

Angels of Hope (located in Arcata)

American Cancer Society (located in Eureka)

Miranda’s Thrift (locations in Fortuna, Eureka, and McKinleyville)