June Letters to the Editor

From Jackie Garcia

I think I speak for everyone who was affected by the video made, that we will not accept any apology until the school decides to even give Emma and Casey some type of consequence. As a student of color that has attended Arcata High School for four years I am disgusted with how the school has treated issues like this in the past. When I first saw the video I was mad, not only at the fact that the video was super ignorant but they made it AT school. To me personally I saw the video as a threat, to anyone who is undocumented, or has a family member that is, the video is a threat. Watching them laugh and smile about it frustrated me, because they found it so easy to make the video. For them it really was funny, and it was easy because they’re still getting away with it. 

Within the first two to three months of my high school experience I had already started hearing the ignorant and racist things people would say out loud and sometimes to me. I will never forget the day after Donald Trump became president; someone in my first period class said “Well everyone say goodbye to Jackie, they’re gonna send her back to Mexico.” Some other students laughed along, class had barely started. I’m not sharing this so that others can feel bad for me, and I’m obviously not trying to say that Trump made them say that. I notice how sensitive Trump supporters get when it comes to “their president.” My point is that it was also easy for them to say that while our teacher wasn’t even that far away. Nothing was said or done to the students that said the comment, I had to deal with it. 

The school needs to do something about the video, they need to do better for the students that they claim are “welcome” there. I do not and have not ever felt “welcomed” at the school and I know the other students affected would agree. Arcata High needs to take things like this seriously. We will not stop until you deal with these ignorant, and racist students.  I want a better community for the next generations, so I will fight for a better community. I will never be ashamed to say that I am the daughter of a brave, smart, talented and caring “immigrant.”  

From Arthur Frye

Students of Arcata high school, I’d like to apologize for the video I made a couple months ago. It was a racial stereotype and I’m extremely sorry to everyone who I hurt or offended. I will never make a video like that again. Shortly after I deleted the video, I made a public apology on TikTok expressing my sincerest apologies to everyone that I offended. Once again, I’m so sorry.

From Casey McAtasney

To my school and community 

My name is Casey and I am one of the girls in the video. I wanted to give my formal apology to everyone who was offended by this video. The video was made months ago and when posted received negative attention for which we were reprimanded by our parents and our school officials. Unfortunately, the video was copied and reposted without our permission. We are deeply sorry for the pain this caused, this was not our intent. I am deeply sorry for offending anyone. We are trying to move on from the pain we caused to be better and more socially aware. 

From Emma Frazel

I would like to apologize to everyone I have hurt and offended for my video. That video was taken down and removed months ago. I would like everyone to know that I know and understand what I did was wrong, and I have taken full responsibility for my actions. If possible, I ask you to understand how hurtful your comments can be to someone and what you are doing when you repost this. I have learned from my past, and I am working on educating myself, and I know I am a better person for that. I do not ask you to understand, I just ask that you please hear me out.  During this difficult time, we should be sticking together and supporting one another. So before you repost or comment something hurtful, learn from me and try to be a better person. If anyone would like to talk to me about it you’re more than welcome too. 


Emma Frazel