Entertainment in Times of Uncertainty: What We're Watching

March 24th, 2020

In times of stress, we often turn to entertainment for reassurance and comfort. Pepperbox reached out to teachers along with some staff members to find what shows and movies make us feel the most safe and happy. Enjoy!

Fiona Murphy

I watch “Phineas and Ferb” because it is an absolute classic. It is funny, has killer songs, and no unexpected turns or subplots and unnecessary drama. It makes me wish I was an evil scientist who just mildly inconveniences people. Tragically it is no longer on Netflix. On Netflix, any John Mulaney special is my go to. Parts of them are stuck in my head forever and the fact that he will  probably do stand up about this very moment in history is very comforting.

Johnny Kell

“The Office” is my favorite show. Dwight Schrute was right in the episode “Stress Relief” in season five when he simulated a fire to bring up safety planning to the attention of everyone. My favorite part is when Angela throws her cat into the ceiling at Oscar and yells, “Save Bandit!” #dwightwasright

Ruby Langdon

“The Princess and The Frog”, whenever I’m looking for comfort I like to watch things from my childhood and this movie is still genuinely good. The songs are great, the plot is hopeful, and the characters are really pleasant. It’s nice to get away from my life and focus on the dreams of Tiana and Naveen as well as the adventures they have as frogs. Also I just really love jazz related movies, I’m not sure why but if it’s got jazz tied into it I probably like it (the bee movie is an exception I hate that movie).

Isabel S. Wedll

When I’m down and I need inspiration in life I always look towards fashion and comedy. Thus I binge watch: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” because who doesn’t love New York City, and fashion from the 1950s. And the main character Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel is modeled after the icon Joan Rivers. “Sex and the City”, because again it’s NYC and who doesn’t love early 2000s fashion with a mix of trailblazing women (for the time). At other times when I look for comfort, I also look at my childhood. Comfort entertainment for me varies for the Barbie movies, any Disney movies, or golden Dreamworks movies. All bring a sense of joy while telling meaningful stories, something that is needed during this time.

Julie Angles

I can’t get enough of “Parks and Rec” or “Seinfeld”. Both are quirky,  yet universal. Thanks to Marisa Mendosa for this photo of me and Ron Swanson!

Ken Klima

Definitely “The Wizard of Oz”. It’s my go-to because it reminds me of the importance of courage, even when you’re afraid, loyalty to your friends, and that there’s no place like home and family.

Johanna Mauro

I like watching “Project Runway”. It’s a great escape to see interesting people be creative. It has fashion, drama, art, and no social-distancing!

Melanie Zapper

Currently the movie I am turning to is “Frozen II” (Keep in mind, I have a 3 year old and a 7 year old).  It actually has relevant themes to current stressful events, and of course anything that helps my kiddos feel good helps me feel good.  My current favorite quote: Olaf: Oh, yeah. We’re calling this “controlling what you can when things feel out of control.” 

Davena Bagnall

In times of stress my favorite shows that always make me feel good are: “Queer Eye More Than a Makeover”. This show because it is always heartfelt and seems to be trying to bring people together from very different communities and build understanding and love. “Grace and Frankie” because it is so hilarious and heartfelt. The characters are so quirky and endearing. It puts elderly people in a more realistic light and reminds us that they have the same feelings and love for life as the rest of us

Kay Wozniak

If I need a good laugh I really like the movie, “There’s Something About Mary”. Another of my all time favorites is, “Harold And Maude”, about having passion for life.  They both may be rated R though so not sure if appropriate for all. 

Jennifer Coriell

As I navigate helping three kids with their homework as well as my online teaching, my go to binge-worthy Netflix show is “Outlander”. Historical love stories are the best and I’m a sucker for 18th century men in kilts.

Marisa Mendosa

“Parks and Rec” for sure. I first watched it in 2015 and have probably watched it 10 or more times all the way through since then. It’s such a fun satire on society and government and especially something we need in times like these.

Cassie Moulton

A movie that I watched last week that always seems to put me in better spirits is “The Blind Side”. I like it because it’s based on a true story and it highlights the good in people.

Cassie Moulton’s current office mate.

All photos courtesy of those pictured or the respective media companies.