What To Do: Isolation Edition

Fiona Murphy, Editor-in-Chief

March 22nd, 2020

  • Create a routine. It is easy to start sleeping past noon and forgetting to eat, but a clear and healthy routine can help you get some structure and control back in your life. 
  • Start some projects. I say some because I get bored of one project and need to switch around. They can be very simple, like cleaning your room or sewing something. Or they can be more complex. Whatever floats your boat.
  • Learn something new. 
    • Try baking and cooking, or that new recipe you found on Pinterest.
    • Learn to sew or knit. Make something cool. (I made a pattern for a facemask that probably won’t prevent Corona, but it looks cool.)
    • Try your hand at painting or drawing. 
  • Read. Remember in middle school when you enjoyed reading? Try that again, you have the time. 
    • Personally I recommend rereading every Percy Jackson book because it will take you back to a time you had some control over your life and less responsibility. 
  • Get some fresh air. You can still go outside while in isolation. If you live in an apartment, open all your windows or drive to the beach/forest. If you live in a house, go hang out in your yard.
  • Talk to your family. I know, it’s crazy. 
  • Watch a new show, or an old one. 
  • Make new playlists for every mood. 
  • Do some of your homework (maybe???).
  • Plan how to overthrow the government.
  • Talk to whatever pet you have. 
  • Do some at home workouts, I don’t know any but I’m sure you can google them.
  • Stare longingly out the window.
    • While looking out said window make eye contact with a potential partner and do the Taylor Swift window thing from the music video. 
  • Stare into space and contemplate how you have no control over what happens in this world and your own mortality.
  • Jump!
  • Zoom your friends.
  • Watch every TikTok from the Washington Post. 
  • Memorize your favorite Star Wars scene and reenact it for you parents. 
  • Create an elaborate fantasy world in your head. 
  • Paint your nails!
  • Start a vegetable garden. By the time that self-isolation is over, you would have fresh spinach!

And because we know you don’t want to read, heres a handy video!