Bernie Wins AHS Mock Primary

Isabel S. Wedll, Online Editor

March 5th, 2020

Fiona Murphy/Pepperbox

On Super Tuesday it wasn’t just eligible voters who were participating in California’s primary. Students of Arcata High participated in a mock primary provided and ran by the National History Club. After the death of many clubs, the National History Club was revived by Alyssa Pedicino and Kayla Jay. 

Pedicino and Jay (Co-Presidents of the club), “[wanted] to restart the club again for having a mock primary, as we had heard about the club doing this four years ago, at the last general election,” Pedicino said. 

Their goal was to give students that are ineligible to vote a political voice, and for the students to obtain political awareness. Bernie Sanders had the most support and that 71.2% of students at Arcata High affiliate with the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, 11.2% of students are affiliated with the Republican Party. 

“The major results will be in the bulletin tomorrow and all the stats and visuals of them will be available in your history classes next week,” Pedicinio said. 

The co-presidents wanted to discover,“[how] many students at our school would participate in a mock primary that was accessible, in terms of times and places to vote,” Pedicinio said. 

All other information on the mock primary will be released tomorrow, Friday, March 6th, 2020 in the bulletin.