Support for BSU After Trump Demonstration

Zoë Reiss, News Editor

Marisa Mendosa, Art Director

February 27, 2020

Members of the community gathered at the fine arts building on the Arcata High campus today, February 27th, to show support for the Black Student Union assembly. Local activist, Terry Uyeki, sent out an email on the 26th addressed to “social justice warriors” in the community urging them to join her at the fine arts building for the assembly held by BSU to “show support to the African American students and the observance of Black History Month,” 

Students at a BSU assembly.
Fiona Murphy/Pepperbox

Uyeki was concerned after unfounded rumors of a white supremacist protest surfaced following an incident at nutrition break yesterday in the Arcata High School parking lot. On Wednesday, February 26th, a group of students drove two separate vehicles and circled the parking lot with flags supporting President Trump flying from the back of the cars. One of the cars was stopped by Jim Monge, and as he was talking to the students in the car, another student ripped the Trump flag from the back of the car and ran away with the flag. The display was met with student outrage–one student threw Kool-Aid thrown on a student who flew his flag.

The students driving the vehicle deny any connection with their actions and the first of three BSU assemblies as well as any connection to white supremacy. The Arcata High School Pepperbox explores this issue in depth in the forthcoming issue that will be published on March 3, 2020.