Arcata High’s Valentine’s Bachelors and Bachelorettes

Natasha Youravish, Reporter

February 14, 2020

Our first Bachelor is Denali Barker. Barker, a sophomore, enjoys making music, and drawing. His favorite color is a luscious green. He looks for a person to be mature, smart, and level headed. His favorite food is waffles.

Mason Railsback
Will Oviatt/Pepperbox

Mason Railsback, a junior, can be found hitting threes at every basketball game. He enjoys bopping to beats and his favorite food is grilled cheese. In a partner, he just wants them to be real. His favorite pickup line is, “If you were a booger I’d pick you.”

Araya Peterson is a sophomore. Her favorite color is a passionate red and her favorite food is sushi. She is a creative soul and enjoys writing and drawing. What she wants in a person is them to be nice.

Merek Clancy
Will Oviatt/Pepperbox

Marek Clancy is finishing out his last year at Arcata High. He’s quite the bro, enjoying surfing and skating. His favorite food is sushi and his ideal partner would have a good personality and sense of humor. His ideal date would be going to the skatepark and then surfing. 

Lily Hopkins
Natasha Youravish/Pepperbox

Lily Hopkins, a sophomore, is looking for honesty above all. Like Peterson, her favorite color is red. She is an artistic heart who loves to paint while enjoying some classic chips and salsa.