Homecoming King & Queen 2019

Jake Knoeller, Sports Editor

November 15, 2019

Homecoming Friday this year was an exciting day for some people, but it didn’t live up to the hype for others. There were two people that had a very fun Homecoming: Stone Boyer & Maya Mircetich, homecoming king and queen. All week, everyone would see Boyer’s shirts with his catchy slogan, as well as pictures of him all over social media. Mircetich didn’t try as hard as Boyer did, but it was a pleasant surprise for her when she won, and a sweet experience according to her. 

The two big winners at homecoming, Boyer & Mircetich, stand together in front of Arcata High School. Photo by Jake Knoeller.

Stone Boyer is a respected student around Arcata High. So respected that he even had other candidates using propaganda to vote for him. 

“I think I’m just a likeable person, you know, very funny, uh, also I’m Stone,” he said. 

Boyer can be recognized around campus for his short, stocky build, as well as his “cake.” 

He plays defensive tackle on the AHS football team and also mentioned that his biggest challenges are teammates Maximus Rice & Syrus Houle, because they are always trying to take his spot. 

But Rice had some very good things to say about Boyer. Although he was one of the other candidates, he in fact voted for Boyer. 

“I voted for Stone because he’s the one true king and because I serve the lord Stone,” he said. “Being on a team with him is fun because during school he’s safe from being attacked but when it comes to practice I get to beat up on him,” he added. 

Mateo Vincent also loves being on a team with Boyer. “He’s one of the funniest people at the school and he always has the best attitude and does everything at 110%,” he said.

Boyer says he loves football because it has taught him “all kinds of things, from leadership to teamwork.” 

Boyer said his favorite game moment was, “any one of my fumble recoveries, you know, I can’t really pick one because they’re all so epic.”

Reporter Kelsey Hatch couldn’t help laughing at Boyer’s confidence. How could he not be confident with the whole school respecting him? When he won homecoming king, he was raised above a whole entire crowd. 

Boyer wanted this crown, and he earned it. He came up with a catchy slogan,  #GETSTONED, and had t-shirts that many people around the school were wearing in support of him. 

“It was a fast motto that they could say and it applies to me getting the dub,” he said.

In his future, he wants to be “back on the field somehow”, whether it means playing or coaching. 

Maya Mircetich doesn’t have beef with anyone. She is always nice to people, and this is why she won homecoming queen. 

Mircetich is tall, blonde and plays for the AHS volleyball team as an outside hitter. She has had a lot of fun this season. 

Mircetich explained why the team is having success. “We all just have a collective goal to win, which is what we’ve been doing,” she said. 

Her favorite thing in Volleyball is when the team goes into their group hug. 

It all started when this year’s seniors made the team and hugged their freshman year, and they had a group hug on senior night and after winning league. 

“It was really sweet,” she added.

Mircetich loves mothers and babies and wants to become a midwife someday. She even mentioned starting her own practice later on in life. 

Winning homecoming queen was great for Mircetich, and unlike Boyer, she said she didn’t expect the crown, but accepting it on the football field would’ve been exciting either way. 

“My favorite thing about Maya is her genuine personality. I think she is a very understanding and easy to connect to person,” said Maddie Goley, one of Mircetich’s closest friends. “I think she was voted for because she is a big presence on our campus and people feel drawn towards her,” she added. 

Clearly, being nice to everyone helps in life, and it’s an easy thing to do.