A Time to Teach: A Teacher’s Journey

Reporter- Mark Salamunovich

At the far end of the campus at Arcata High, there is a classroom that not everyone knows about. It’s tucked away on the edge of Arcata High´s campus. Once inside, the class is quietly at work. Then the front door opens slowly… and Ms. Anderson walks in,  with a broad smile on her face, ready for her day at work.

Ms. Anderson teaches Domestic Life skills, History, and P.E. as well as, math class second period for me. She has a great attitude and works well with everyone. She is a very optimistic person because she realizes the students’ potential. She is super nice because she loves the students she teaches and has a strong presence in the classroom. All of her students respect her kindness and generosity toward them.

Ms. Anderson provides her students with many different options throughout the week. The variety keeps us as students from getting bored with our work and doing the same old thing. Her teaching style is fun because of the options she offers.

Life skills student, Luke Russell has had Ms. Anderson for two years.  When asked what he thought about Ms. Anderson, Luke replied with, “She is really nice and she’s fun.” He also mentioned what makes her classes this way, stating, “Sometimes we play games… math games, and go to the park.” He is one of many students who feels this way about Ms. Anderson and her teaching style.

Not only do the students have something to say but the teachers do too. Arcata High School teacher, Ms. Kiritsy, also stepped forward to say something positive about Ms. Anderson. “ She cares about students and genuinely wants them to be their best. She is enthusiastic and excitable. She wants them to interact with as many high school students as possible.¨ This is what Ms. Kiritsy responded with when asked what strengths Ms. Anderson has as a teacher.

Ms. Kiritsy also had things to say about Ms. Anderson as the Life Skills basketball coach. “She is so excited, it is infectious and urges the students on.” She added that what she loves most about her is “her sense of humor,” and “she and Mr. Rowe make a great team, a dynamic duo. I love having them in my department. Some of the best teachers Arcata High has.”

I’m very glad that Ms. Anderson found Arcata High. Ms. Anderson is one of the greatest and most fun teachers I have ever had.

Thank you,