Rachel White

Tyler Chalmers

The Arcata High School wrestling season is upon us, and this year the team has two female wrestlers. The new girls, Maeve Moore (Sophomore) and Grace Steeves (Senior), are ready to take on the competition, which is admirable in a mainly male sport (at least for our area). Maeve had an introduction to the team last year, she was the team manager and her brother was a wrestler. She saw one of his matches and thought “Hey that looks cool I’m going to give that a shot.” The guys showed support for both of the girls, and quickly accepted them as part of the team. Maeve shows her enthusiasm for the upcoming season by adding, “I just really like it, it’s like a good way to get exercise, get all my energy out, and like it’s a good community. If the team is really close it’s awesome.” Junior Jeremiah Ownbey states, “It’ll add some diversity to the team.” While their teammates may accept them, the girls are in an unusual position, Junior Cole Curtis commented that “I think some of the parents are iffy about it [Girls wrestling].” Statistics show that the rate of women wrestling is beginning to grow more rapidly than male wrestling. Between the years 2010 and 2011 there was a 20% increase in the number of women wrestling. But whatever difficulties they may face, Arcata is glad to have girls on the wrestling team, trying something new, and kicking butt.girls-wrestling