Allie Lucchesi

Back in the day, the Arcata High cheerleaders were elected by the student body. Yes, elected. The old squad usually elected two boys and two girls to join the team each year. Yes, BOYS! Some of the male cheerleaders were even involved in other sports. In fact, the cheer team had a male captain. Today, the cheer team has no boys. Granted, cheerleading is not the same as it was in the 1960’s. Uniforms are at least $300, tryouts are mandatory, skirts are shorter, routines are sassier, and stunts are much more complicated. In multiple articles from the Pepperbox archives, the reporters made a point of mentioning their “white bulky sweater” and the “variety of movements in their routines- everything from leapfrog to the twist!” Clearly, the team has evolved with the times. Nicole Henry’s t-shirt and bow designs keep our cheer team looking adorable at all times. Other archived articles stated that the cheer team practiced “frequently”. Now, the cheer team practices everyday for two hours under coaches Chanti Jackson and Jojo Patterson. There’s a lot of differences between the two teams, but one thing has stayed the same-school spirit. Then and now, the cheer team has always worked hard to support our athletes!img_0788imagejpeg_0