Claire Bareilles

Your style on the court goes hand in hand with your performance in the game. If you look good, you feel good, and therefore you play good. It’s a known fact of life. Basketball and the styles that surround the sport have always been a leading example of this. Whether it’s been with the latest version of the new Lebrons, wearing two socks to up your sock game, or the new trend of wearing long leggings under your shorts; it is no secret that the basketball court is the new runway. Setting trends on the basketball court goes all the way back to The Fab Five, a group of incredible freshman who took over the University of Michigan men’s basketball program in the 1990s and who took them all the way to the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship for two years in a row. These five freshman gained national attention instantly, and with the national attention they changed the look of the game. They brought the “Hip Hop” style to the court. They wore baggy shorts, in opposition to the short, tight ones that had been synonymous with the sport. They wore black socks, to stand out against the typical white tube socks. They even shaved their heads and introduced trash talk to the court. Ever since these famed freshman changed the game, other athletes have took their example and made it their own. From the infamous shoe-line of Michael Jordan’s, which are being styled on and off the court, the elbow sleeve of Dwight Howard and Russell Westbrook, to the headbands of Lebron James and Paul Pierce. The fashion scene on the basketball court is sewn into the fabric of the sport. To find out the newest trends we asked our very own Arcata High basketball players to get the inside scoop.

Men’s Tights and Women’s shorts:

Among the new trends, the men have been wearing tights under their shorts. These compression tights aren’t just for looks. “We feel uncomfortable without tights,” senior point guard Bryce Mateer exclaimed, about the tights trend. Sophomore forward Hunter Santschi added when asked if they serve any purpose other than for looks, that they prevent getting scabs from court burn when diving on the floor for a loose ball. Senior Owen Morehead summarized “Tights aren’t just for fashion.” When the men go low, the women go high. In contrast to the men’s tights trend to lengthen their lower garments, in the women’s game there is a trend to make their shorts shorter. Senior point guard, Vanessa Holland, told us “Short shorts are coming back. Not super short, but like tucking them into your spandex. I would do that but Dusty (the AHS Varsity Women’s Head Coach) won’t let me.”


Court Style doesn’t just include what you wear during the games. As both the men and women players added, good headphones are a must for training and pregame. “You want wireless so you can warm-up without cords getting in the way,” Morehead confessed. Bose Soundsport Wireless headphones and Powerbeats Wireless are favorites among the players.

Shoes/Socks scene:

Shoes and the socks paired together are forever a staple of the Basketball style. It is also one of the most evolved elements to the player’s look. From the original Converse High Tops, to when the game started becoming enfranchised by big clothing companies like Nike, who has almost single handedly transformed the style of the game to what it is now, and as Santschi proclamation of, “Nike for everything,” it’s not likely to change. The newest rage in the court shoe scene as stated by our senior varsity guard Ashley Quigley, “There’s a big patriotic fad sweeping through the women’s basketball team.” However, as Morehead proudly attests “I stick to the old shoes. Shoes aren’t just about their looks, they are about how they perform.” Which he stands by with his 2014 Nike Hyperdunks.court-style