Andrew Cavinta

Kirk Hakenen

This season has been one for the history books.  Through a rollercoaster of ups and downs, the soccer team learned from their mistakes and continued to take steps forward.  Losing ten seniors, expectations were low. The beginning of the season started off rough for the young squad with two losses and one draw in the first five games.  As time wore on, the team began to bond, but with a plethora of injuries, competing was difficult.  With a devastating loss to Mack High, the team hit their lowest point. They received a sobering comment from coach, Duncan Robins, “You guys are not a good soccer team.” The team took these blows and transferred them onto the pitch as the Tigers went on a seven game winning spree.  This success led them to grasp an 8th seed ranking in playoffs (sections), with a first game in Lower Lake California against a decent team. The Tigers slammed their way through a fast paced game and took away a 2-0 win, at that point in time, confidence was high.  However, even though they had tied the farthest run in Arcata High postseason history, the next team they had to play was Urban High School of San Francisco. This team ranked 2nd in all of California with a 42,000 dollar tuition under their belt, comparing to our ranking of 20th and zero dollar tuition.  The boys packed their bags on a Friday and drove down to San Francisco on a sunny Saturday to play in the historic Kezar Stadium.  The game started at 8:00pm, and everyone on our side was excited.  The pressure was on the players, as it was no secret that if they won, it would be the furthest any Arcata High boys soccer team would have ever gone. The Tigers came out hungry and within the seventh minute, striker Kai Narum posterized an Urban defender to take the lead. With momentum on their side, the backline stood tall and glorious as they held Urban to a goose egg on the scoreboard ending the first half. Going into to the second half, Arcata knew the game was far from over, but could taste the victory on the tip of their tongues. The Tigers fought with honor as they followed up with a beautiful one touch goal by sophomore Andy Miranda, and a wonder free kick by senior Ellis Kahn. Odds were against the fairly young team but they strived for the best and finished the game with a 3-0 win under their belt.  The team took a happy five hour drive back to Humboldt, and began to prepare for a slugfest against Fortuna. Time passed quickly from the game against Urban to the rivalry match with Fortuna. The Tigers took the pitch with passion, but couldn’t get past Fortuna.  They lost 4-1.  There was a lot to take away from this historic season, but the team is looking forward to next year.soccor-team-shot-1