By Caitlyn Patterson

There are many pros to attending Arcata High School. Whether it be the friendly students, the dedicated teachers, and even the vibrant colors on our trees during the Winter. One privilege of ours that seems to go unnoticed is that our options for lunch are practically unlimited. Compared to most schools throughout the US, we’re pretty darn lucky to have the advantage that we do when it comes to where we can go during those 45 minutes. Many campuses aren’t located near half as many places to eat as we are. There are also tons of schools that only let upperclassmen leave campus, and even more schools that don’t even have off campus lunch as an option. Now I’m not saying that us Arcata students aren’t grateful, because we totally are. I’m only giving you all a reminder of how flipping awesome it is to be a tiger.

Along the lines of off campus lunches, I have conducted a school survey of 235 students (52 freshmen, 53 sophomores, 61 juniors, 69 seniors) asking what they preferred to do for lunch. below are some of the statistics I’ve gathered.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.01.45 AM (1)

Other popular lunch options include:

Philly Cheesesteak, Smug’s, Don’s Donuts, Co-op, Carmella’s, Subway, Dutchy’s, Rita’s, Burrito Wagon, The Church, Toni’s, Oriental Buffet, Masaki’s, Westside, Hole in the Wall, Alma’s, The Hutch, Arcata Pizza & Deli, Pho Huang, HSU Student Store, Roman’s Cafe, Renata’s, Jitter Bean, Hey Juans, Sushi Spot, Brio, Shell Gas Station, Szechuan Garden, and Starbucks.