By Terra Clarke

Last weekend Arcata High girls Varsity team were in the championship game of WAIBT against Liberty high school, but by the number of fans sitting in the Sixth Man section of the gym no one would’ve suspected the importance of the game. There was a scattering of orange t-shirts and supportive family members. The screams of about two high school students were the only ones that could be heard over the muted claps of the rest of the crowd. Despite a hard fought game, the girls fell to Liberty in a grueling game. The question is does this have anything to do with the crowd?


Senior Nyah Guynup accredits the lack of fans to a lack of advertising. “If we told more people about it more people might come.” Guynup does have a point, last weekend’s tournament was not advertised in the bulletin and there was almost no discussion about it on campus. Many people had no idea it was happening. Despite this lack of advertising, other team members are confident that this year the fan support will be even better once the season gets started. “We’ve done really well the last couple years, so I think there will be more support.” junior Eva Abrey said, “We will have more fans, I just have a feeling.”

Another limiting factor leading to the lack of fans at WAIBT this year may have been the scheduling conflict with the boys basketball tournament in McKinleyville. This unfortunate conflict made it difficult for fans to support both team, since they don’t have the ability to be two places at once. “It’s only our second year having AIBT,” Guynup said, “so I think it’s just going to get better as the years go on.”

WAIBT was just the first of many girls basketball games and the team is hopeful for the rest of the season and having plenty of orange and black in the stands. As Abrey so eloquently put, “This year it’s not girls basketball and boys basketball it’s just Arcata basketball.”