By Justin Furtado

As you make your way to the tiger den, the sound of the Arcata High Sixth Man echoes throughout the school. When entering the gym, the roaring of the Sixth Man can be heard throughout the building. The sound of the varsity basketball team’s pregame mixtape sweeps people to their feet. Until the final horn sounds, the gym is never silent. Each year, a group of seniors and a select few   juniors take the first two rows in the student section and lead the crowd in chants throughout the game. The best sixth men have knowledge of the game and yell throughout, no matter what the circumstances are. “I expect the Sixth Man to step up this year and cheer on the team no matter where they play,” senior Jordan Chasescott said. The Sixth Man are known for constant bantering of opposing players.

6th Man

Heckling and getting in the head of the opponents is a vital part in being a Sixth Man. “Past Sixth Man have traveled all the way to Del Norte to cheer on the team,” senior CJ Gray said.  The Sixth Man is a tradition that has been gracing the Arcata High gym for as long as anyone can remember, and each year’s Sixth Man take tremendous pride in becoming the best they can be. The Sixth Man are known as one of the best crowds in the HDN [Humboldt Del Norte league].  McKinleyville High student Dylan Campbell said, “Arcata has better fan support, and we lack the volume intensity that the Sixth Man have.”

The Sixth Man brings a feared presence in the eyes of the opponents. They keep the volume intensity at the max level throughout the games and constantly getting in the heads of the opponents. “I just want the crowd to get turnt!” leader of the Sixth Man, Collin Townsend, said. Turnt: involves being a crazy fan and going loc the whole game!

Unfortunately, super fan Dylan Diemer will not be able to participate in the Sixth Man during home games because of his prior obligations saving lives. However, Dylan Diemer will be at away games cheering on the team!  The Sixth Man will bring the energy to every game cheering for the team! The Sixth Man are true fans; they stick with the team through thick and thin and are always supportive. If you want to show your school spirit and cheer alongside the famous Sixth Man, get off the couch, put your homework to the side, suit up in orange and black, and come support the varsity basketball team!