By CJ Gray

Double Tab_using

Senior Tab “Love Machine” Heinz, has played Varsity Basketball and Soccer, and the dual sport combination has lead to some exotic pre-game rituals. On the morning of game day, he uses a Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Hair Trimmer to make the inside of his nose as smooth as silk chocolate.

“I do it to increase the flow of oxygen,” said Heinz.

After school he goes home and hula hoops in his room while listening to Marvin Gaye. He then takes a power nap will cuddling his bearded dragon named “Bill Clinton”. After waking from his nap, he always sucks on a pack of necco wafers while he packs his bag. Then he’s ready to play.

“By the way, I do all of that in the nude,” said Heinz.


Senior Jordan “Sparks” Chasescott, is a 2nd year varsity player and has developed some interesting pre-game rituals. First, he rubs olive oil through his hair to maintain his luscious locks. Then he watches the first half of an episode of Dance Moms. He then sits down and drinks a 16 oz low-fat peppermint latte.

“I need my hair to be soft, and my lips to be sweet. That’s my secret to shooting 3’s the way I do,” said Chasescott.

After downing his cup of caffeinated goodness, he then rubs a pumice rock on his toes before putting on his socks and shoes. After lacing up, Chasescott finalizes his routine by spraying 1 spritz of Chanel fragrance on each wrist.



Senior Sam “Zen Master” Spinosa is the most soulful member of the varsity basketball team. He doesn’t have much of pre-game ritual because he believes that  “every moment is the same moment, and everyday is full of spirit, chakra, and hamsas. I don’t have a ritual because life is a ritual, and life needs to be zen.” Although Spinosa does not have a specific game day ritual, he does repeat certain aspects of his life. He frequently has mushroom soup with homegrown kale for breakfast and again for dinner.

“I enjoy spending my evenings organizing my rock garden and meditating,” said Spinosa.

Every night before Spinosa goes to sleep in his hand woven hemp hammock he throws a paper plane into the wind, with a poem about his hopes and dreams written on the inside. Despite not having a pre game ritual there is one thing Spinosa always does before games. He takes off his Birkenstocks and puts on his basketball shoes.

Senior Nathan Heidrick, or better known by his stage name “Hot $kull,” is the returning point guard for the Arcata Tigers basketball team. With a life split between rapping and playing basketball, Heidrick uses the same routine before basketball games that he does before his concerts in order to simplify his already hectic life. He starts his routine by putting on his Beats by Dre headphones and bumping “Ice Ice Baby.” He then puts on some of his own fire tracks. His favorites: “Tofu Lord” “Green Grass Cornrows” and “Hard in the Pants.” While listening to the dope beats Heidrick sips on his favorite drink.

“It’s my own special mixed drank. I combine two scoops of chocolate protein powder, 2 cups of cranberry juice, and 2 raw eggs. I call it a ‘Bloody Nae Nae’,” said Heidrick.

After downing his drank, Heidrick will put on his footwear for the night. Unlike concerts where Heidrick almost exclusively wears Gucci flip-flops, on the basketball court he wears custom Air Jordans signed by Riff Raff.

“Right before games I always tweet out my mixtape. Ya’ll should check it out”


Thomas “Camp3r_KING” Nelson’s basketball pre game ritual involves games of another nature. Nelson starts his ritual the night before a game with a Magic card tournament.

“My deck is so raw. I always win. Fricken noobs,” said Nelson.

After beating all the noobs, Nelson feeds his Tamagotcji and goes to sleep. In the morning Nelson pulls out his Nintendo DS that he keeps under his pillow and plays Pokémon Soul Silver. To fill time during the day leading up to game time Nelson carriers around a portable DVD player and watches Dragon Ball Z.

“I even watch it in class. The teachers have no idea. Fricken noobs,” said Nelson.

Once his DVD player runs out of battery, Nelson breaks out his deck of Pokémon cards and searches the gym for someone to trade cards with, sometimes even getting in a battle or two. After playing his video and card games, Nelson puts everything away in a protective carrying case, except for his lucky Pikachu card that he keeps in his sock.

“I might not play well every night. We might not win. But I am a level 70 warlock. Fricken noobs.”

Hunter drawing scanned

Freshman Hunter Santschi is new to the world of high school basketball, so he continues the pre-game routine he has always had. Before he leaves for the gym, his mommy helps him put on his uniform and makes sure he eats a second dose of Flintstone gummy vitamins. On the ride to the game he munches on animal crackers and sips from an apple juice box. Once at the gym he colors in his sesame street coloring book, being extra careful to not let his crayon marks go outside the lines.

“When I’m done coloring, my mommy helps me put on my shoes, making sure I put my feet in the right shoe. Then mommy ties my shoes like bunny ears,” said Santschi.

After his mom makes sure he is dressed all nice, Santschi kisses her goodbye, and he goes into the locker room to get wrapped in his blankie and listen to music. His favorite song, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” After drinking some warm milk, Santschi is ready to play.